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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Gluten Free Apps - Review 

Has anyone tried the Gluten Free Apps that are available? There are quite a few around for both the Iphone and Blackberry. I have a few on my iphone that are pretty neat.

1. Is that Gluten Free? Eating Out 
This App lists some major Food Chains (mostly US based ones) and give the status of the menu items as Gluten Free, Gluten Status Uncertain, or Contains Gluten. It's a pretty neat little app to have on the go! Just a word of caution to always remember to ask about cross contamination in the fryers!

2. CeliacFeed
This App uses your location to find gluten free restaurants around you. I can't say I've found it very helpful in St. John's, however, in major centers it probably works much better!

3. GF Living 
This App has a comprehensive list of ingredients that are gluten free (or not), they are listed alphabetically, and it's the most complete listing I've ever seen. It has some funky names listed like acesulfame potassium and adipic acid (in case you were wondering, these are gluten free). It also has an Amazon link, web search link and News link which I like.

What Apps to do you have that you like?

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