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Friday, 27 January 2012

Gluten Free Pasta at Costco - Felicia Gluten Free Penne

Wow - Costco has gluten free pasta! While browsing today, I came across this new item! The brand name is Felicia - I'm unfamiliar with this exact brand, but it was clearly labelled gluten free on both the package and the sign. If you want to check out their website, click here.

For two 500g bags it is $5.99 which is an awesome deal! It didn't seem to be fortified like regular pasta is, however, it did have 1 gram of fiber per serving. It was in the regular pasta / pasta sauce aisle and is definitely worth a try! Stay tuned for a review and if you have already tried it - leave a comment to share!


  1. I just tried it and I've tried many gluten free pastas that have been so expensive for a 12 oz bag. Like Bionatura gluten free at 5.99/12oz for the cheap price and $5.99 at other health food stores. Well, I just made my pasta sauce and I had purchased the double pack from Costco of Felicia Gluten-Free and it was absolutely a delicious surprise. Not sticky like Bionatura. At first I liked Bionatura, but I still felt like there was something missing and now after trying Felicia brand, I feel like I have found the holy grail of taste for gluten-free pastas. It's a big three thumbs up for this one. Don't hesitate to try it. Also, it cooks pretty fast like 5-7 minutes. They only had the penne and that cooked up in 6 minutes. I'm so happy.

  2. You can't get it from Costco anymore. Like all really good things, they've disco'd it. I'm in the process of trying to find it elsewhere and haven't had much luck. If anyone else out there has found it or something just as good would you tell the rest of us please.

  3. I also like Mrs. Leepers corn pasta - you can get it at Dominion - it will go on sale for $2.50 a bag. I also liked the Quinoa blend spaghetti (TruRoots) from Costco (and I think they still carry this one).