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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Boston Pizza St. John's - Gluten Free Pizza!

Where to Eat Gluten Free in St. John's? - Boston Pizza Review 

Eating out is always an interesting adventure when you have to stick to Gluten Free. While I don't mind having a salad, sometimes something a little more substantial is in order! I've eaten at the Boston Pizza on Stavanger Drive and Kelsey Drive numerous times and have had their Gluten Free Pizza. They actually use Kinnikinnick pizza crusts and top them with your selected toppings. There is a maximum of 4 toppings plus cheese which works out perfectly for baking. The pizzas are awesome - because they have a proper oven for pizzas, the crust is crispy (but not burned) and the toppings are cooked correctly (not soggy). I highly recommend it! They seem to understand about cross-contamination issues and did mention specifically that their fried foods are cooked in a shared fryer. This is one of my top 10 places to eat in St. John's :)


  1. I am originally from Newfoundland and i'll be returning for a visit for the first time since finding out i'm Celiac. I'll be home for 3 weeks and i'm ripping my hair out trying to figure out where we can eat while out of the house. Avalon Mall is really bugging me...not sure what's safe in there.

    Well anyhow...I heard about Boston Pizza and I can't wait to try it...but do they make sure to not touch cheese and toppings they sprinkle with hands that may have touched a normal pizza for instance? I'm so on edge. I barely eat out anymore it's getting depressing lol

  2. New York Fries at the Avalon Mall should be fine as they only fry potatoes in their deep fryer. They have also been mentioned on other sites I've seen as safe for celiacs.

    As for Boston Pizza - it's a national chain so I am pretty confident they are well trained in cross contamination. Kinnikinnick has worked with them (as they provide the crusts).

    I did call Pizza Delight before I went and started fishing on if they actually knew about gluten cross contamination and I was pleased.

    I haven't blogged about coffee matters, but they have separate panini grills for their sandwiches with bread that comes from Nourish. I am confident they know what they are doing. And Second Cup on Stavanger sells gluten free goodies from Nourish :)

    Enjoy your visit!

  3. I went to Pizza Delight and it was delish. I ordered a veggie pizza at Boston Pizza and it was really overcooked and it was smaller than Pizza delight plus cost 18.95 for a small square pizza. I thought that the PIzza Delight option was better value? what did you think?

    1. Wow - that's expensive for the Boston pizza one! I think mine was only $10 or something - mind you that was awhile ago. I did prefer pizza delight because it more like a real pizza - I can make the square ones home. I haven't been out for pizza in forever - i've discovered the Namaste pizza crust and I love it - just as good as going out :)