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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chapman's Gluten Free Ice Cream Reviews

I love ice cream! Before I had to go gluten free, I absolutely loved Ben and Jerry's - and would make a point to try as many flavours as I could when I went on vacation to the US each year.

However, being Gluten Free, B&J's is not really an option anymore :( But, to satisfy my ice cream craving - I depend on Chapman's :) They are a wonderful Canadian company who have invested some time into making products for those with allergies. No only do they have gluten free products, but also lactose free, sugar free and peanut free products.

A couple of my favorite ice creams are the mint chocolate chip and the Neapolitan. They have a nice creaminess, and are super yummy! I also enjoy the Super Fudge ice cream bars. They taste exactly like the Fudgesicles I used to have when I was younger, but I think these even taste a little more chocolately!

Chapman's has gone the extra mile in labeling their products Gluten Free and because it is a "mainstream" product, the prices are exactly the same as their non gluten free products. This means you can score some good sales - cheap gluten free ice cream = 1 happy consumer!

If you haven't checked out Chapman's - you can click here and see a listing of their products that are gluten free.

PS the malt extract listed on the fudge sticks is derived from corn - the company gets that question a lot!


  1. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog, I'm wondering if you can help me, I'm looking to see what the market is on sugar-free items available here in St. John's and surrounding area. Have you stumbled upon any places that sell these kinds of items? I know I haven't been able to find much of anything!!

  2. Yeah - there is not much out there I agree. I know Chapman's does have a lower sugar ice cream option. They are usually in the 1 L containers. I make a lot of my "sweets" at home, so I can control sugar, or substitute with honey.

    There is a new business called Nan's Kitchen. They have a Facebook page (called Nan's Kitchen) and they do GF and Diabetic friendly items. I haven't tried them - but they look tasty!

    I'm not sure how much sugar is too much - but the GoGo Quinoa chocolate chip cookies are only 8 grams of sugar for 2 cookies. They were at Costco, and they are at Sobeys stores as well.

    Things like Larabars, Taste of Nature Bars etc do not have added sugar, but they have natural sugars and a little bit of agave/honey in some cases.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks so much! I worry about the quality of Nan's Kitchen, by the look of the site on facebook it looks like it's coming out of someone's house? But thanks for the help!

  4. I have that book as well and have wondered what the black pepper ice-cream might be like!
    wheyhey sugar free ice cream