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Monday, 5 March 2012

Gluten Free Pasta 101

MMMM pasta - I really do like having a good plate of spaghetti or home made macaroni and cheese. The problem is, gluten free pasta does NOT have the same properties as regular pasta.

Here are some common issues that I've discovered through trial and error:

 1. GF Pasta is VERY sticky. Regular pasta sticks together when left for awhile - GF pasta sticks together almost instantly. I always rinse the pasta or immerse in another liquid (ie pasta sauce) immediately to avoid a giant clump. Good practice is also to put olive oil in the cooking water as an additional precaution.

 2. GF Pasta goes from not cooked to mush in a matter or seconds. Yes - it's true - you have to watch this stuff like a hawk. Generally my rule is to start tasting 2 minutes before the recommended time and take off when it's still a tiny bit hard. The alternative is a lumpy, mushy, clump.

 3. Corn pasta is great for cold salads like macaroni salads. Rinse as soon as it is cooked and use like other pasta. Even the non-GF eaters liked this one.

 4. Brown rice pasta gets mushier and stickier faster than corn pasta. It just does.

 5. GF pasta generally contains very few fortifying ingredients like regular pasta does. Let's take Catelli Smart for example - 8 grams of fibre and iron added. GF pasta will generally have 1 gram of fibre, and no iron :(

6. Corn Pasta does NOT bake well unless it is rinsed first. So while the mac and cheese tasted great - the texture was more of a mushy baby food type........lesson learned.

7. Experimentation is key - like anything - practice makes perfect! If you have any tips you'd like to share feel free to leave a comment!

Stay tuned - I'll give an overview of my favourite GF pastas to buy in the city!

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