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Despite being gluten free, I love to try new products and am always interested to hear about new places to eat.
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Friday, 9 March 2012

Home made GF Cheese Steak :) (Kinnikinnick Hot Dog Bun Style)

On Tuesday, we all had Cheese Steaks - I put mine on the new Kinnikinnick Hot Dog Buns. It was just meat, cheese, peppers and onions melted together into a googy yummy filling :D.

The hot dog bun was pretty close to regular size (a tiny bit smaller) and was previously frozen. I defrosted in the microwave and it tasted just like it was freshly baked! I didn't even have to warm it up - it was soft and doughy all on its own. That is extremely impressive.

I think it was the first time in years I actually ate a hot dog bun that I liked and stayed together while you were attempting to eat! And the bonus part - the bun is only 140 calories and has 5 grams of fibre. Who would want to eat the regular ones anyway??? These rock!

So with spring around the corner (especially in Ontario) go out and get some of these buns - they will make BBQ hot dogs complete!

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