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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Online Gluten Free Shopping in Canada

Online shopping can be great in terms of increased access to products as well as some cheaper prices when you purchase directly from the manufacturer! I am fortunate to have easy access to grocery stores that sell a wide variety of gluten free goods, however, I still do some purchasing online. Below are a list of sites that sell Gluten Free products and ships within Canada.

1. Kinnikinnick - this is one of my favorite sites. The food arrives fresh from their Edmonton store within 2 days and depending on where you live - the shipping is reasonable. It's $10 flat rate to urban centers, and a little over $20 to more rural areas. The shipping fee is easily justified because the food is fresh and cheaper than the grocery store.

2. Well.ca - This is quite an interesting website! They sell everything from dish soap to gluten free food and everything in between! The shipping is Free on this site, however the prices are a little higher. They do have a gluten free food section with some products that you can't find in other locations. It is great if you live in a remote part of the country because of the zero shipping costs!

3. Gluten Free Source - I came across this website a few weeks ago. I have yet to order anything from them because their shipping costs seem quite high. It might be ok if you could share an order with a friend or if you didn't have access to gluten free foods in your area.

4. El Peto - they sell their own brands of products which include the Surf Sweets candy (I love these). The shipping costs are a little high - but not astronomical - especially if you are going to purchase a large order.

5. GoBio - this site sells bullion cubes, organic gummies, fair trade coffee, puddings, jelly and more! It's all organic, gluten free and non-gmo :D

6. Healthy Planet Canada - This store offers free shipping over $39.99 and have some gluten free products as well as a host of other healthy items. Lots of Bob's Red Mill products if you like them!

7. The Speciality Food Shop - this site is actually run by the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital - it sells every kind of special diet food you can imagine. Shipping is $14.95 outside of Ontario and you can buy a cooler for $10 if you are looking to ship frozen foods. They have a large selection of gluten free as well as gluten free organic.

8. Wal Mart Canada - I just found out that walmart.ca has gluten free items that you can ship for free to your home address! Just placed my first order :)

9. Vitacost.com - this is actually an American site, but they now ship to Canada and include duty, shipping, taxes etc. in your final checkout price. No surprise bills at the door if you choose the regular shipping method. There are restrictions on certain supplements (mostly the quantity), but the prices are MUCH cheaper than Canada. If you paired with a buddy, it would probably be worth it!

What's your favorite site to shop at?


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