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Thursday, 10 May 2012

There's Gluten in That? Foods that have hidden gluten

One of things I find really annoying about being gluten free is having to read the labels. That being said, companies are getting much better at clearly stating allergen information on their food product labels.

While you are reading labels, you come across some foods that you think to yourself - "that has gluten? Really?" Below are some of those examples:

1. Chicken/ Beef Broth and Oxo/Bullion Cubes - almost all have gluten in them - often it's hidden in the "flavor" component - kudos to Campbells who now list that their products have gluten. 

2. Twizzlers - yes - odd isn't - why does licorice need wheat?

3. Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes - the regular kinds have barley/malt coatings - again - a little misleading given their names! 

4. Chocolates - especially the expensive ones like Lindt have malt/barley 

5. BBQ Crispy Mini Rice Chips - almost ate a few of these a couple weeks ago before I read the label! 

6. Canned Soup - this one is obvious to me now - practically all condensed shelf soups are thickened with wheat - to new gluten free people this is not so obvious 

7. Any salt and "vinegar" chips that have malt vinegar

8. Canadian Worechester Sauce - has barley/malt - the US kind does not. AND watch out for hidden worechester sauce in BBQ sauces! 

9. Salad Dressings - Why on earth does one need wheat in a salad dressing? Some examples I've come across - Kraft Russian Dressing, Kraft Refrigerated Caesar dressing and Kraft light Caesar shelf dressing. 

Hope these help - and remember - read the labels! 

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  1. most nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc have a wheat coating as well. why! why! why!