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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers - Product Review

Most crackers are derived from wheat or gluten products. Sometimes you wish you could have some cheese and crackers like everyone else on the planet! Oh yes - and preferably that they not taste like cardboard.....

Crunchmaster has a variety of crackers that are gluten free - and you can check out their website for different flavours and where to purchase (if you live in the USA).

I typically purchase the large boxes at Costco - they have two separate packages in the box to help ensure freshness and each pouch has A LOT of crackers - but they keep very well as long as they are resealed :)

The crackers are SUPER crunchy (which I like but someone people are not a fan) and they also contain Flax seeds which also seems to be a love hate relationship with some people.

I put cheese, peanut butter, jam etc on them and they hold up just as well or better than gluten crackers! They are also super affordable at Costco usually coming in under $8 a box and are often on sale for $5 a box!

Wait - there's more - the are also non-GMO certified :D


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