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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gluten Free in Montreal! Where to eat and what I found

I was recently in Montreal for 4 days to attend the Formula 1 race :) I had an awesome time and of course, tried a couple new restaurants and found new products to do a few reviews. 

On our last day we went back to Old Montreal and found a little cafe for breakfast. It was on the corner of Rue Saint Paul and Boulevard Saint Laurent (just up from the Science Center) called Marche du Vieux. 

We had a grilled veggie omelet which was fantastic and the coffee was nice and strong. The meal also came with fruit (in a separate bowl) and french baguette. 

Inside their store they have a take out deli section and if you keep going down their store further they have a little speciality store section with lots of maple products and some gluten free products! 

I spied a new 76% cocoa chocolate made by Olivia Chocolate Company. They are actually a new company in Quebec and they use organic ingredients and the one I tried was clearly marked gluten free :) 

The chocolate was excellent - not too sweet but satisfyingly creamy. If you are interested in buying online, they have a website listed on their bar and you can also purchase from the parent site. 

Stay tuned for more product and restaurant reviews! 

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