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Friday, 15 June 2012

Le Milsa - Restaurant Review - Montreal

If you are in Montreal, you have to check out this place. It's at 1445A Bishop Street and it's a Brazilian restaurant where they serve all you can eat meat!

The menu is limited - you can order the all you can eat meat (includes 10 different types such as turkey wrapped bacon, pork, filet Mignon, chicken, lamb, etc.) or you can have the roasted chicken or salmon. All the meals come with rice, baked sweet potato and salad.

I ordered the salmon which was just flame broiled and wasn't coated with anything. It was excellent and cooked perfectly. I also ate the salad and sweet potato but skipped out on the rice. While the rice looked pretty plain - I wouldn't chance the possibility of hidden gluten!

The meat is delivered by the servers on skewers and they cut off whatever you want when they arrive at your table. It's great because you can get small servings of each, and have time for digestion in between!

The prices are really reasonable and it's cheaper during the week than the weekends. We made reservations and it seemed quite busy so that's something to keep in mind!


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