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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mary's Gone Crackers - Chocolate Chip Cookies - Product Review

Alright - so by now everyone that has read a couple posts probably knows I love chocolate! As I was browsing through Sobeys last week, I came across the chocolate chip cookies by Mary's Gone Crackers. It was getting close to supper time so I'll pretty much use any excuse to try something new!

The box comes with 2 packages of cookies with about 8-10 cookies in each pack. I really like that companies make smaller packages so the food stays fresher longer! Not that it would be a problem with these cookies because I could have probably ate the entire package in one sitting :)

The cookies are crunchy - similar to our old favourite the Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie. They were smaller and a little thicker than the conventional cookie and had a nice flavour - not sickening sweet.

This product is not only gluten free, but organic, dairy free, vegan and non-GMO :D. Really, it's the perfect snack! I will be repurchasing these in the near future (as mine are almost gone). The box is $5.49 but I'm hoping they might have a sale sometime during the year and I can stock up!

Happy munching!

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