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Thursday, 28 June 2012

m.brgr Montreal - Restaurant Review

While we were in Montreal, I found this m.brgr Restaurant. It's the same company that runs the fabulous (so I'm told) Moishes. Being a little more in our price range, we opted to try here. It's located at 2025 Drummond and close to Saint Catherine's street.

Typical of other restaurants in the area, they have indoor and outdoor seating, and being from the frozen climate that we live in, we always choose the novelty of eating outside without having to battle flies, wind or fog.

I was interested in this place because they had the option of lettuce as "bun". I rarely see this and thought it was an excellent idea (especially for those of us that can't actually eat the bun). As soon as the server came by I asked about a gluten free burger. They said they would double check and it wasn't a problem at all! In fact, my GF burger looked different than DH's burger so I'm thinking I scored a freshly made patty .

The burger came with cheese, onions and a pickle YUM! I skipped sides as they were probably cross contaminated with the onion rings on the menu!

It was about $12 and up for a loaded burger and the quality was great!

Wish we had one of these here!

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