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Monday, 4 June 2012

Organic Meadow Chocolate Milk - Product Review

Photo of 2% Organic Chocolate Milk - 1 Litre CartonI love chocolate milk, well ok, I love anything chocolate pretty much! I bought this milk yesterday as a tester. I find that the regular chocolate milk is really sweet and almost goes bad within a day of opening it - not sure if it's the high sugar content, but after 2 days I almost always have to chuck it out because it tastes off.

This chocolate milk is organic and made with all organic ingredients. According to their FAQs, their products are gluten free except for their ice cream and kefir. The ice cream is made in a factory that also makes gluten products so there might be a risk of cross contamination.

When you first pour the milk, you will notice it is a little darker color and a little thinner than the regular milk I'm used to. The taste is more of a cocoa taste as opposed to a mouthful of refined sugar taste. I will be purchasing this milk as my future chocolate milk purchases - it's great with a sandwich or of course with cookies! (I'd go for Kinnikinnick Vanilla Kinnitoos!)

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