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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie by Green Table Foods

I recently purchased Double Chocolate Cookies by Green Table Foods from well.ca. It was a package of 2 and they were $1.99. The cookies were about the size of a Mrs. Field's cookie so it was a little larger than normal.

I was pleasantly surprised by the crunch and chewy ratio. It had a good crunch when with your first bite, and a nice chewy centre. I would place it as a hybrid of regular chips ahoy and chewy chips ahoy.

The taste was amazing, not too sweet, but packed a good chocolate hit. :)

This product does have soy (in the chocolate chips), but they use cane sugar instead of refined sugar.

 Each cookie is only 95 calories and has 4 grams of fiber! Even more reason to indulge in a quick treat!

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