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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gluten Free Restaurants in St. John's, NL

So I've reviewed a few restaurants in St. John's that offer gluten free options, however, I haven't done a quick reference list. Today is a holiday so I've got some extra time on my hands to do an overview restaurant post :) I've categorized the places by type: Fine / High End Dining, Chain / Casual Dining and Quick Service / Coffee locations.

There's a link to the review on the blog if I've already posted one about it, and I've linked their websites as well so you can check out the menus, call, etc. Enjoy!

Fine Dining - these restaurants typically run $22-$35 (or more) an entrĂ©e

1. Portobello's  - I've eaten here several times - they have substituted rice for pasta, provided rice crackers instead of regular crackers and understand gluten free requirements from my experience. Plus - it has an awesome view! (Reservations recommended).

2. The Keg - technically this is a chain restaurant but the prices are high so it ends up in this category. The St. John's location is very aware of all allergies and provide a menu with allergens identified in their dishes. They even advise you if you can't eat an appetizer someone else at the table is ordering. Like Portobello's - the view is great.

3. Oliver's - this is a cute little restaurant down town with great atmosphere and food. Each time I've eaten there they have provided substitutions and checked for gluten ingredients.

4. Raymonds - this is a high end restaurant on the end of water street. I've never gone, but I've only heard good things. They recently started carrying bread from Nourish.

Chain / Casual Dining - St. John's has lots of family friendly, chain restaurants that have gluten free options.

1. Boston Pizza - Check out my review here - UPDATE: I'm not sure Boston Pizza guarantees gluten free any more - best to call ahead and check.

2. Pizza Delight - Check out my review here

3. Montana's - They list allergens on their nutritional pdf 

4. Swiss Chalet - Similar to Montana's - they have an allergen pdf. I'm not a huge fan of Swiss Chalet, however the chicken and baked potatoes are safe options.

5. Quintana's - I love Mexican food - check out my review here

6. Relish Gourmet Burgers -  Check out my review here 

7. Gracie Joe's - this little restaurant is so cosy and has awesome home made food. They are aware of gluten issues and offer gluten free brownies and flourless (gluten free as well) cakes!

8. The Sprout - this is a vegetarian restaurant on the end of Duckworth Street (city hall end) and they have AWESOME gluten free and/or vegan options. I went there for a birthday lunch - check out my review here. This is probably one of my favorite places to date!

Quick Service / Coffee locations 

1. Happy Hummus Hut - this is a newly opened restaurant down town, and is vegetarian and has gluten free and vegan options. The gluten free food is prepped in a separate space - how cool is that? They also get their flat breads from Nourish. I have a Groupon for this place and I can't wait to try it!

2. Coffee Matters - there are two locations - one in St. John's across from the Sheraton hotel and one in Paradise (just outside of St. John's). They get products from Nourish and make gluten free sandwiches - also made on a separate line :)

3. Rocket Bakery - this neat little store down town has quick service food that you can take out or eat in their common area. They host "Almost wheatless Wednesdays" where they offer many gluten free options. Each day there are typically 1-2 items on their menu suitable for gluten free individuals and they have a couple choices of desserts as well.

For those of us not downtown, Rocket also has an outlet at the YMCA on Ridge Road where they have a select few of their products.

4. Fixed Coffee and Bakery - this is a newly opened place - near the War Memorial on Duckworth Street. They have vegan and gluten free offerings daily - check out their facebook page for the daily updates!

Happy Eating!


  1. I think Gracie Joe's has a Gluten Free Menu as well.

    1. Yes they do! And I've been there as well - it's great - their brownies are awesome - thanks!

  2. Ashley Rae Dicks27 August 2012 at 17:18

    I found this very helpful as I am new to St. John's. It's great to know that there are many options for people with Celiac, like myself, or just gluten intolorant. :)

  3. I had a great meal/dinner at Bistro Sofia. No specific gf menu but the server seemed fairly knowledgeable and double checked with the kitchen on anything he wasnt for sure on.. Ill def be back!
    Thanks for the reviews...Im excited to try Olivers and Gracis Joes!!!

  4. WokBox and Mana Bakery also...... Mana has a great gluten free sandwich bread, it is very light and fluffy. I would be nice if they had a separate, gluten free grill though.

  5. Where's your favorite pizza? I'm having trouble finding good GF pizza in the downtown area

    1. I like Greco. I've had it multiple times with no issues. Others have found it good too.