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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kohlrabi - WHAT? Alien cabbage??? What to do with Kolhrabi

As the summer is progressing, we are getting new and ummm interesting veggies from the CSA Organic Farm.

Last week was no exception. As I was digging through my bag I came across this alien looking vegetable (it was large by the way) that resembled a cabbage, but clearly was not.

Once the email of "what's in your basket" came through, I found out it was Kohlrabi. I was like great - that clears up what it is - but what the heck do I do with it???

It keeps well in the fridge so I waited until last night to attack it. I'd done some digging on the internet and it's a very versatile veggie - you can eat it raw (doesn't have much taste), you can braise it (More for the smaller variety), fry it (we don't own a deep fryer though), sauté it (the one I chose), the list is endless.

Step 1 was to attempt to cut the thing. I mentioned it was quite large and honestly, even with the super knife (which is large and sharp) it was quite a production getting the first cut. After that is was a little easier.

I proceeded to chop a quarter of it into small stick like pieces and warmed some olive oil and garlic then sautéed the Kohlrabi for about 8-10 minutes in the pan on medium heat. I added salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

Not expecting much, I poured it on a plate and dug in. WOW - this stuff is actually tasty! (which is good because there is still a good portion left in the crisper). It was almost starchy, but not quite as dense as a potato and had a texture similar to water chestnuts. It would be a great addition to a stir fry!

Operation Kohlrabi = success!

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