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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gluten Free Costco Shopping List

I love Costco – I’ve posted several times of a new organic and/or gluten free product I’ve found, so I’ve decided to make a list of items you can get at Costco that are organic and/or gluten free - it has to be gluten free or I won’t list it. Also - I didn't mention fruits, meats, etc. that are naturally gluten free unless they are available in organic. I’ve put down some general prices (and those are for NL) so you are pretty well assured you won’t ever pay more than that at your local Costco!

1. Mary’s Gone Crackers Cookies – I did a post here
2. Larabars – $12.99 for 12 bars – these are great for travel or an afternoon pick-me up! (and they are non-GMO)
3. Taste of Nature Bars – $12.99 for 12 bars – these are organic as well J
4. Felicia Gluten Free Pasta - $6.69 for two 500g bags – I did a post here.
5. TruRoots Quinoa - $8.99 for a giant bag – organic as well.
6. TruRoots Ancient Grains Spaghetti - $8.99 for a 1 Kg bag – I did a post about that here
7. Crunch Master Crackers - $7.79 for a 2 bag box – I did a post about these – they are my favourite and are non-GMO certified
8. Mary’s Gone Crackers, Crackers - $7.99 for a 2 bag box – these are organic – I prefer the milder taste of Crunch Master however.
9. Organic Frozen Corn and Peas - $8.99 for 1.5 kg – ok, so that’s a lot of corn and/or peas (They are two separate packages).
10. Kirkland Tostitos Chips - $5.99 – and they are organic
11. Kirkland Organic Salsa - $7.99 for 2 jars
12. Simply Organic Pasta Sauce - $8.99 for 3 bottles
13. Grimms Deli Products – Varying varieties and prices – sometimes there is pepperoni, sausage, etc. They are clearly marked gluten free
14. Fruit Snacks - Welsh’s – Blue box - $6.99 and marked GF
15. Organic Chicken Broth - $7.99 for 6 boxes 
16. Riceworks Chips - 16 smaller bags in two varieties (thanks to a reader for this one!)
17. Organic Honey - $7.49 for a 1 Kg container
18. Organic Dried Figs - $9.99 for a Costco sized bag 
19. Organic olive oil - $9.99 for 1 litre - this is a super deal compared to grocery store prices! 

Does anyone have new finds to add? I’d love to hear about other products I can purchase!


  1. Hi, I just want to add Riceworks brown and white rice crisps to your Costco list. I think they are a new item; at least, I haven't seen them before. They are certified gluten free and come in a box containing 16 bags of chips; 8 sweet chili flavour and 8 sea salt and black sesame. The chili ones are kind of like Doritos and the sea salt are more of a cracker crisp. Thanks for adding to my Costco shopping list!

  2. Given I just moved here, Im not totally sure what is "new" or not and none of the said are actually organic but I felt I should mention a few "must haves" in our house....
    1. OCEANS wild canned salmon (comes in really handy sometimes when I dont have the time or sheer desire to cook)
    2. Hummus (we try to mix it up and usually get at least one the the several flavors offered)
    3. Robert Rothschild Farm "Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce".. This is great for putting on grilled fish, chicken, OR my personal fave...making a salad with their mixed organic greens, a can of the salmon, garbanzo beans, some brown rice, usually some sliced almonds, and some of the sauce drizzled on top OR mixed in with the salmon...and/or anything else that sounds appealing :) (dont let the "habanero" scare you. There is some spice but not overly spicy.
    4.Pre cooked/pre sliced, natural turkey breast (Sorry, the name has escaped me...we try to buy organic as much as possible but organic turkey seems to be impossible to find out here)
    5. Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters with Alonds and Pumpkin Seeds (a good way to kick a sweet tooth without feeling horribly guilty..thats if you can stop from eating less than half the bag!)

    Yay for Costco!!

  3. Thanks for the other product suggestions! I forgot about the Hummus - i've had several varieties before and they are all awesome! I also know the chicken/turkey you are talking about - we've had it before as well - it's good - great for sandwiches :) I haven't tried the Cashew clusters....mmmmm sounds yummy!