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Friday, 28 September 2012

Gluten Free Sugar Cones - Product Review

I love ice cream, and I haven't had any cones in awhile so I decided to try the PaneRiso Foods Sugar Cones from Real Food Market. I've tried the "regular" gluten free cones before, and honestly, they didn't taste like much, but they did the job of holding onto ice cream.

These cones are slightly smaller than standard sugar cones (I would call them mini cones) but they resemble the cone portion of a drumstick. In fact, one of the gluten eaters in the house was looking around for the "Drumstick" I was eating. hehehe - they were surprised when I told them it was gluten free - not only that - they wanted one and gobbled it down :)

While the cones are small, they are sturdy, and hold the weight of the ice cream no problem. They have an excellent crunch factor and a mild sweet taste. Each cone is only 41 calories so it won't break the calorie bank.

I think I will keep these cones as a staple - they are awesome :D Happy eating!

Extra notes: The cones cost about $4.50 - a little more expensive than some other GF cones, but not totally out of the ball park. The cones are also corn free, but do contain soy.

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