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Friday, 14 September 2012

Product Review - Truroots Ancient Grains Pasta

I picked up a new package of spaghetti pasta at Costco a couple weeks ago. It is by Truroots and they have a couple products at Costco including quinoa. As per Costco standards, it is a 1 kg package and costs $8.99. What is unique about the pasta is its ingredients - quinoa, amaranth, and brown rice.

undefinedThis product is clearly labelled organic and gluten free (a great start in my books) and actually has some fibre and iron!

The package instructed a 12-14 minute cooking time. I had the water at a hard boil before I added my spaghetti and it was done about 30 seconds shy of the 12 minute mark. Once I had it drained I rinsed it slightly with cold water, but it didn't appear to be extremely sticky.

Texture wise, the pasta was a little thicker than corn spaghetti I'm used to, and had a nice chewy pasta taste and texture. Great for a home made sauce recipe :) The pasta didn't appear to clump and didn't stick together in a huge ball :)

I really enjoyed this spaghetti and will be purchasing again in the future - it has a "real" spaghetti look and feel and could easily be used in a variety of dishes! Five stars from me!


  1. I REALLY liked this pasta too.. I opted for this one over the Felicia brand because it seemed healthier (Felicia mainly uses corn flour and doesnt say its non GMO so I avoided it for that reason) and closer to "whole grain" but have you tried the Felicia brand/have any input on that option..??

  2. Oh heavens..NEVER MIND. Sorry, just found that review now..

  3. Great! GMOs scare me too! I try my best to find non-GMO when I can :)