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Monday, 22 October 2012

Bandito's Organic Tortilla Chips - Product Review

I love nachos, and tortilla chips are a great snack with hummus, guacamole  or salsa - or even just by themselves!

In the past, I've purchased the organic Que Pasa corn chips at Costco which are really good, not much salt, but does come in a giant bag (which equates to a lot of tortilla eating!).

Last week, Real Food Market offered a new product - Bandito's Organic Tortilla Chips. They must be new because I can`t find a website for them!

What I like about these tortilla chips is that they are multigrain without the gluten. (Tostidos also has a multigrain chip but it is infested with wheat - ick).

Anyway, these chips have a nice crunch factor and are a little thicker (and bigger) than the Que Pasa ones. They sort of remind me of Food Should Taste Good chips. They are great for dipping and are organic and gluten free :D

There is 5 grams of fiber per serving - which is 17 chips (250 calories). I wouldn`t consider them diet - but they are yummy!


  1. Im glad you wrote this review...when I saw the chips I figured they were just like EVERY other "muti grain" chip and had something in them that would contain gluten. (I REALLY wish they would start listing the ingredients ...or at lease have a picture of the ingredient label along with the picture of the product) Ill have to try them the next time we order

  2. Yes - sometimes it's a little bit of a risk - but I have to say - I was pleased with them :)