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Friday, 2 November 2012

Amy's Garden Vegetable Lasagne Review

Ah - the wonderful United States of America. I arrived down here on Tuesday, and have been scouring grocery stores looking for new products to try! I made a trip to Whole Foods as well as Target and Publix so far. The selection is amazing! I have so many things to write about, but I'll start with the Amy's Gluten Free Lasagne.

Garden Vegetable LasagnaThe Lasagne is like a frozen dinner sort of thing - it was about $4 at Whole Foods which seemed reasonable. I haven't seen it in NL, but after trying it - I am hoping I can find it somewhere :) Like any frozen dinner you can microwave it, or this one also gives you the option to cook it in the oven. I went with the microwave option and in 5 minutes it was ready to eat. I thought it tasted really good - not too spicy, but a great sweet tomato flavour - especially for a frozen meal.

The noodles cooked well, and the veggie filling was very tasty. It was like a comfort food :) The box clearly states it does not contain GMOs, and contains many organic ingredients. This is a great option for a quick meal, or an option to take to work.

 Here's to hoping I can find this product in NL in the near future!

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  1. I can find it at the Dominion in Grand Falls-Windsor, worth checking your local Dominion if you haven't already found it.