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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt - Review

I love having yogurt in the morning, and while there are lots of gluten free choices in Canada, the US has SO MUCH MORE! Especially when it comes to the individual sizes - which is great for trying lots of flavours!

I picked up a bunch of Stoneyfield Organic yogurts when I first got here. Some of the flavours included vanilla, strawberry, fieldberry, blueberry and cherry. They were all marked GF on the side of the container.

All the yogurts were creamy and tasty - and most of the ones I had were fat free.

The greek varieties were also awesome, and again came in individual serving side containers.

What I like about the sizes of the individual cups in the US is that there is 25% of your daily calcium, so you can just eat one and get a great milk serving :)

I also tried 2 of their smoothie flavours - Strawberry and Wildberry. Again, these were marked GF and very handy for on the go.

A couple years ago you could get Stoneyfield at Dominion, but then they stopped carrying it. They had a couple varieties I used to get. Not sure if they can carry it in the future!

Anyone try any other flavours?

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