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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Annie's Gluten Free Bunny Cookies

I admit, I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and when I came across Annie's gluten free bunny cookies in the US, I picked up a couple boxes to try. They come in 3 flavours: Snickerdoodle, GingerSnap and Cocoa and Vanilla. I tried the Snickerdoodle and GingerSnap.

These cookies are a cross between an animal cracker and a teddy graham in terms of size and texture. They have an excellent crunch factor and are bite sized for quick snacks and a sweet tooth fix :)

The snickerdoodle were my favourite - they have cinnamon on the outside that is just perfect - not overpoweringly sweet, but just right. I love that they are crunchy and don't leave an after taste in your mouth.

Unfortunately - I can't seem to find any gluten free Annie's bunnies online or in stores in Canada. I've asked Real Food Market if they can get them in as they have the regular Annie's graham bunnies, so I'm hoping! They are available at Vitacost.com but I am not sure how their shipping and duty works.

The gingersnap cookies were great as well - I am not a huge gingerbread flavour person, but still enjoyed the box :)

If anyone knows where I can order Annie's products please let me know!


  1. Im glad that Annies managed to work out their kinks in this product. Originally, the only flavour offered were the Vanilla and Cocoa ones.. Wow. They were REeeeALLY bad. It was shocking to me because I have NEVER had a product from Annies that I would say was "bad". But, yeah. That one def was. I had heard they had made some improvements and recently saw they had the additional flavours. But after my first go round with the Vanilla/Cocoa I havent felt inclined to run out and try them again... Glad to hear they have improved!

  2. Bought a box of the snickerdoodle when I was in Cali. The texture has def improved but I have to say Im still not thrilled. They seemed somewhat bland and didnt have a ton of flavour (although, I suppose thats kinda the way "animal crackers should be..?? ) Overall, they just seem kinda "meh" to me.

  3. The cocoa and vanilla ones are now available at Sobeys on Howley Estates :)