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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Barbara's Bakery Honey Rice Puffins Cereal - Product Review

Puffins Honey RiceSomeone at work mentioned last week that Costco was now carrying Barbara's Puffins cereal - it is gluten free - so I had to try it. The cereal is $6.59 for a 794 gram box. It is equivalent to a family sized box I would guess.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this cereal, my favourite cereals are by Nature's Path, and it will be hard to ever top those - that being said, I'll always try something once!

The "puffins" (and I haven't figured out where the name comes from) are big squares that are hollow and about double the size of a Captain Crunch piece.

I tried one before milk, and my first impression was a little meh. It has a slight after taste on first bite, but after eating a few more, it goes away slightly.

Once loaded up with milk and blueberries it was improved - crunchy and a little sweet - but again, that slight twinge of after taste. That is one of my biggest pet peeves of being gluten free - the "gluten free" after taste.

Looking at their website, it seems there are a variety of Puffin flavours, including a cinnamon one which might be good.

Anyone tried any other Barbara products?


  1. I have tried two varities of the Puffin Cereals (as far as I know, they only have two that are actually gluten free..unless they have recently extended their line) I thought the Honey Rice were just "ok" and really liked my FIRST bowl of the gf Multigrain. Unfortunately, the multigrain did not settle well with me (I dont do well with even pure, gf oats) ... Not being a huge cereal eater, I would often ponder buying a box of the Honey Rice now and then but Honey Nut or Cinnamon Chex always wont in taste over Barbaras.. Unfortunately, like many things, NL (or Canada, really) dont carry the more enticing versions of Chex either.. So far, GoGo Quinoa Muesli wins the NL choice award for me.

  2. I haven't tried GoGo Quinoa Muesli - I will have to add to my list!

  3. Even for a non huge cereal eater, my new favorite is now, by far... http://shop.naturespath.com/Crunchy-Maple-Sunrise/p/NPA-771531&c=NaturesPath@ColdCereals
    There is also a "vanilla" that is good too but maple is my personal fav. I will simply eat the stuff with some nuts instead of cookies, at times. YUM!

  4. I've tried both the maple and the vanilla - they were both at costco at some point. I am pretty sure they still carry one of them. Also you can get them at Dominion as well. :)