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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bolthouse Farms Dressings Product Review

I picked up a couple new salad dressings this week at Sobeys. They are Bolthouse Farms refrigerated dressings and are found by the produce section. These dressing are yougart based and therefore has a lot fewer calories than their traditional counterparts.

The flavours I picked up included the Thousand Island and the Caesar Parmigiano. The dressings are not organic, but are clearly labelled gluten free. The majority of the ingredients are from "real" food and are low in sugar.

I tried the Thousand Island one first - I am not sure what I was expecting, the consistency was the same as a regular dressing but it had an odd taste. Not that the taste was bad, but it didn't taste like the thousand island dressing I was used to. My DH tried it as well, and we just couldn't put a finger on what the spice or ingredient combo was that gave it that tang.

Next I tried the Caesar Parmigiano. Again, same consistency of regular dressing, but a slightly different taste.

My only conclusion is that the tang is from the yougart. The Thousand Island had pineapple juice in it, and I think with the yougart and combination of other ingredients is what gave it that different taste.

 I can't say I am a fan - and maybe it's just me. They also have a line of vinaigrettes that I might try if I can find them around!


  1. Ive tried almost every flavor from this company and, personally, I really like them. Ive had all the vinaigrettes, along with the Honey Mustard and the Chunky Blue Cheese and I liked them all. Im not a huge fan of "creamy" dressings; therefor I haven't tried many of those. But I would say the creamy flavours are similar to many (yogurt based) creamy dressings. I like that they are all natural and don't have a lot of weird/nasty ingredients in them. Its hard to find gf Asian Dressing and this one is really ginger-ie and tasty (IMO). The rasp and balsamic vinaigrettes aren't much different in taste than many of their low fat counterparts (maybe a tad thicker in consistency) but I somewhat prefer them for that very reason.
    I wouldn't steer away from this brand. Not the vinaigrettes, at least.

    1. Thanks! I will try the vinaigrettes - I think I might like those better! I usually make my own balsamic vinegar but like to try other options!