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Monday, 7 January 2013

Kiju Juice Review

I’m a typical water drinker – I can’t remember the last time I had an entire glass of soft drink (or any amount of soft drink). That being said, I do have juice occasionally either in smoothies or a splash to flavour a glass of water.

One of my favourite brands is Kiju. They are a Canadian company, and are based out of Ontario. The juice is widely available in the Natural Foods sections of most supermarkets and if you are in the St. John’s area, you can get some varieties at Real FoodMarket.

There are lots of things I like about this juice: It’s organic, it contains no added sugar, it comes in juice box format and it has awesome flavours! My favourite has to be the Mango Orange. It has a great consistency – similar to the thickness of regular orange juice (but smoother) and the flavour is amazing. I use it in smoothies too J
Mango Orange
I also like their apple juice, lemonade and grape apple. The apple juice tastes really crisp and clean – excellent with some toast and jam!

The juices often go on sale for $2.50 or less, and there is a coupon on the Healthy Shopper you can use as well.

While most juices are gluten free – it’s great to be able to find an organic variety that is tasty and affordable!

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