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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

I found Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies at Costco this week. I haven't seen this brand around stores; I vaguely recall small packages at Starbucks a few years back, but I can't be certain.

Either way, I had to try them! They were $8.99 for a large box - in fact, this box type is made specially for Costco. Inside the box are 4 little trays of cookies - with 14 cookies in each :D Not only do you get lots of cookies, but they are in the separate trays so they don't go stale while you are trying to eat them!

These cookies taste awesome. They have a crispy texture, a sweet chocolate chip taste, and remind me slightly of the Enjoy Life Sugar Cookies. A serving is 3 cookies, for 130 calories which is not bad.

Not only are these cookies gluten free, they are also free of nuts, peanuts, milk and eggs! They are certified Kosher, certified vegan, have zero trans fats AND are non-GMO (and carries the symbol).

These cookies ROCK! I will be buying a few more boxes before they stop carrying them!


  1. I first fell in love with Lucys cookies when I tried a bag, after stumbling upon them in a Starbucks one day. (why they dont carry them anymore, I really dont understand) All the flavors are amazing. Ive seen them several times in Winners, also. Im glad they are making their way into Costco but Id def stock up because they said its not a "set" item. Their little snack sized bags are awesome because you can have a few of one flavor before they go stale and then move on to something different. Sadly I havent seen them anywhere in Canada/NL yet.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to order from www.vitacost.com and ship to a US addresses. They also ship to Canada but I haven't been able to find any reviews on how it does at the border - that, and it's expensive! Has anyone tried it?

  3. I ordered 2 boxes of the multipacks as you mentioned from amazon while I was in the US. They are awesome! And i love them all :) so does my gluten eater DH!