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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

GoGo Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

So, while I should be in Florida right now, I'm stuck with cancelled flights and hopes of leaving tomorrow. I went over to Costco tonight for some retail therapy and scored a new find! GoGo Quinoa Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies :)

There is about 25 cookies in the box that sells for $6.59. Not only that - they are individually wrapped! Yay! Portable, fresh cookies all the time!

I tried one as soon as I got home - they are decent size (slightly smaller than a Mr. Christie cookie) but quite plump, and a good amount of cookie to them.

Because they are slightly thicker, there is more cookie per bite, and they certainly call for some milk.

Overall, I thought these were awesome! Not too sweet, but a great dessert or snack. Also, they are dairy free, vegan and egg free.

Has anyone else tried these?


  1. Hi Janelle, I have Nan's Kitchen in St. John's and I've recently started adding Gluten Free baked goodies to my order list! Like Nan's Kitchen on Facebook!

  2. I enjoy these! If the nutritional info is of a concern for anyone, you should check your package against that of their website. I recently did a post (http://foodallergiesetc.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/go-go-quinoa-chocolate-chip-cookies/) on them and realized that they had changed their nutritional info twice.

    I'm curious to see if your package has the correct info or not.

  3. Yes - mine seems to be correct - 170 calories for 2 cookies

  4. They also sell an Orange & Mango flavor that I found at Sobeys (Howley Estates)

  5. I just bought a box yesterday at Costco in Ottawa. Having them now with my Starbucks Americano...Yummy! (although a bit crumbly, but they're definetly an amazing find).

  6. They are really good. I don't need to eat gluten free but my grandson does. I'm always trying to find products that taste as good as regular ones. This is the first gluten free cookie I would happily eat. I love that they are individually wrapped, they keep fresh indefinitely and I have a supply whenever he visits. Throwing out half packs of very expensive products is frustrating!

  7. I'm not a fan of the individual wrappers; it's a lot of excess packaging and unnecessary garbage. I have Tupperware, the real stuff, and it kerps my cookies and chips and dried mangoes and whatever else I put in them fresh for months, sometimes over a year! Comes in so handy when buying bulk at Costco lol