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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nourish Bakery – English Muffin and Bagel Review

I hadn’t been to Nourish in forever, so last Friday I made the trip out to try a few new products. I picked up the bagels (plain) and the English muffins to test out. Both products are frozen, and the bagels are sold in sets of two, the muffins in sets of four.
I defrosted the bagel the night before and then popped it in the toaster for breakfast. It toasted pretty well, and the texture was pretty light and fluffy. It had a bit of a “chew” factor which was much appreciated! The bagels were smaller than regular bagels, but were filling. They almost had a sweet taste to them – very yummy! The price is a little high – two bagels are $6.50 making it a treat item for me!

I tried the English Muffins next – they are already precut, so you can take out a half one at a time and not risk stabbing your hand, counter etc. trying to get them apart!
I toasted this one as well, and I really liked the taste on them. They again had this sweet homemade bread taste which was awesome! They were a little denser than say the Kinnikinnick English Muffins and slighter smaller, but pretty tasty! I have to try to make my homemade Egg McMuffins again!

These were not quite as expensive (per each) as the bagels, around $7 for the four package. Sometimes there are promos as well where you can get a discount!

I recommend both of these products to try if you are bagel or English muffin lover!

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