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Friday, 22 February 2013

Places to Shop for Gluten Free Foods in St. John’s

Looking over my blog, I realized I didn't really have a dedicated post of my favourite stores to shop at in the St. John’s area. I've linked some of the stores to previous posts if relevant.

1. Costco – People are probably tired of me going on about Costco, but they do carry some great gluten free products – and they are always so affordable!  My Costco shopping list is here

2. Real Food Market – I love this online store, they have many gluten free offerings as well as organic products. I did a post about my experience here. 

3. Sobeys – Howley Estates – this store has a great selection of gluten free products. The freezer has a section (noted by the blue GF ribbon) and an entire aisle of just gluten free as well. This is my favorite Sobeys – however, Kelsey Drive and Torbay Road also have gluten free selections.

4. Dominion – Stavanger Drive – the Stavanger drive Dominion has the largest gluten free selection; however, the Dominion on Blackmarsh has some products that are different (Enjoy life Sugar cookies). The Stadium Dominion while having more organic produce, has less variety of gluten free specific items.

5. The Natural Health Shop – located on Stavanger drive between Old Navy and McDonald's - this store carries gluten free products including Namaste products, Eden products and other gluten free snacks.

6. Nourish Bakery – Nourish is great for a treat – I like many of their products and have done several reviews. It’s a bit out of the way for me, but you can order their products from Real Food Market as well.

Where is your favourite place to shop for gluten free food in SJ? 


  1. The Bulk Barn and Winners are, by far, my favorite places to find items at great prices and esp things you wouldnt/cant typically find in NL (or even within Canada, for that matter)

  2. Belbin's stocks Nourish products as well and they also make their own gluten-free frozen meals. They deliver too!