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Monday, 11 February 2013

Surf Sweets Candy - Product Review

Candy is a tricky thing when you are celiac. Apparently wheat makes a great filler and/or coating on many unsuspecting items. Licorice, Smarties, expensive chocolates, etc. Surf Sweets are a great company that offers organic, gluten free candy options (some are also vegan and vegetarian).

Surf Sweets All Natural Jelly BeansThese come in a variety of types: gummy bears, sour worms, jelly beans, sour bears and seasonal treats. I've tried the jelly beans, gummy bears and sour worms. They remind me of taking trips to the store to get a treat when I was growing up.

The jelly beans are a little smaller than your traditional beans, and are not quite as chewy inside - they are extremely addictive though!

The gummy worms and bears are awesome too - not as "gummy" as the traditional kind, but tastes great.

You can get these at the grocery store, Real Food Market, well.ca and amazon.com if you live in the US.

They usually run $2.50-$2.99 a bag depending on sales etc. They are much cheaper in the US so I usually pick up a couple bags when I visit :)

I highly recommend these candy :D

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