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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Coco Cupcakes Review

People at work at starting to spoil me - bringing in Gluten Free treats for me to try! Last week, someone generously brought in a cupcake from Coco Cupcakes on Torbay Road. I had heard of them before, but didn't realize they did gluten free 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday).

The cupcake was a vanilla cake with strawberry infused icing - the icing was really awesome! It was sweet (warning if you can't handle too much sugar!) and really thick (you may need to pace yourself).

You kind of need a fork to attack this thing, but I was fine getting my face half messy :) The cake portion was light, fluffy and had a great taste of vanilla without being too sweet. It paired nicely with the strawberry icing which tasted exactly like real strawberries, and was quite sweet! Mind you, I have quite a sweet tooth so it was all good.

You can see the picture of the cupcake (ignore the mushed top, I tried it before I took the picture) - it's quite large and could be shared or half saved for later.

I am not sure how much they cost - I would guess $4ish but, I didn't ask my co-worker when they brought it in.

I'd go back again - the icing was sooooo yummy! Anyone else try any other flavours?


  1. When I first went to CoCo's they had just started making the vanilla cupcakes therefor I decided I should try one van and one choc side by side. Even though they make a VERY good vanilla cake, I would have to say the choc was even better. It was even lighter and moister than the van and there is NO way anyone would ever know it was/is gf. I dont have a huge sweet tooth so I found the frosting (I had pb and strawberry) a bit too much for my taste (also VERY rich and buttery)so I just ended up eating a very small amount.

    I took time to speak with the owner, who is really nice, and she was very thoughtful in explaining that they have a separate area where the gf cupcakes are made, bins with separate "scoopers", separate bowls, etc. So, I was encouraged that I might be safe here. She mentioned they also freeze some cupcakes so you could possibly get one/some on off days, as well.

    Personally, I feel The Sprout sells better cupcakes, with more original flavors, and less expensive... I suppose it depends what you're in the mood for though. If you want a lot of sweet/rich frosting and a simple choc/van cupcake, CoCo's is your place.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Sprout! It's on my list of places to eat in the next little while - i'll be sure to try one :)