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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Glutino Vegetable Crackers Product Review

CDN_Crackers VegetableI like to have a box of crackers at work for quick snacks; and my favorite toppings are almond butter and jam.

Last week I picked up a box of the Gluntino Vegetable Crackers. These are available at most grocery stores in the Gluten Free / Natural Health section. I picked mine up from Real Food Market.

I really like the Glutino brand of crackers; they are creamy, have a slight crunch, but don't crumble to bits. The vegetable ones have a nice herb / spice blend that makes them tasty on their own, or paired with cheese. They would also compliment a salad.

They retail around $5 a box but are a little cheaper at Real Food Market. The box has 2 bags inside which helps with the freshness and managing to eat the crackers before they go stale!

I've tried the cheddar and the plain varieties of these crackers as well and they are all awesome :)

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