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Monday, 22 April 2013

El Peto Corn Flakes Review

Gluten free cereals are super expensive compared to "regular" cereals, they hardly go on sale, and are more likely to not be fortified with any vitamins and minerals.
Whole Grain Corn Flakes
I generally do not eat a lot of cereal, but I will have it for a snack, or when I travel as a quick snack/breakfast. If I happen to be stuck somewhere and have a container full of cereal, I can probably track down some sort of milk/non-dairy beverage to add to it.

A little while ago I picked up a box of El-Peto Whole Grain Corn Flakes. They are usually around $5 a box, but these were 50% off, so I figured it was worth a sample at least. The ingredients are pretty simple, whole grain corn, corn and salt.

I opened up the bag, and took a few out to sample. Ummm, they did not really taste good :(. They were not crunchy (and they hadn't expired), and just sort of a dry, overall, mushy taste - without even getting to the milk stage......

El Peto has been around a long time in the gluten free world, and I find their products are really hit or miss. This was a miss for me. I'm sure I might be able to find some recipe that calls for crushed corn flakes to use them up, but otherwise, I don't think I'll be sitting down to a bowl of these any time soon!

Anyone try El Peto products they really liked?

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