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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Namaste Vanilla Cake & Fudge Frosting Review

My birthday was approaching so I figured I'd try a new cake mix and frosting. I picked up the Namaste Vanilla Cake Mix and Fudge Frosting at Real Food Market.

I've tried other Namaste products before and they were good, my favorite by far being the pizza crust. 

The cake mix is pretty straightforward, mix all the stuff in the kitchen aid mixer and then bake. I decided to try out my new mini loaf pans I picked up in Florida and a few cupcakes to finish off the batter.

Overall the mix worked well, cake baked on time, and all was great.

Then I tried the frosting.......So you put the mix in the mixer, add your butter and mix until incorporated. Then you add 3-4 tablespoons of boiling water and mix. Then you wait 15 minutes and mix again. I followed the instructions exactly, and the results were a frosting that was practically impossible to spread. I tried a hot knife, spoon, piping bag and nothing worked. At this point I was frustrated and left the icing on the counter and went to the supermarket.

When I came back, I added 4-5 more tablespoons of water to the mix, used my hand mixer and finally, a frosting that whipped and spread!

The cake wasn't bad, it was moist, not crumbly and had a hint of vanilla. It tasted a little like old fashioned vanilla cake - not extremely sweet - but the icing had that covered!

This is a great mix if you need a quick cake - warnings on the icing. You might just want to make your own or use Truwhip!

Everyone got into the cake before I got a picture - here's pics of the half cake!

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