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Friday, 19 April 2013

Sedna Nutra - Blueberry and Chia Mix

I usually have a smoothie everyday for breakfast. I prep most of the ingredients the night before, throw them in a container and pop in the freezer until the morning. Then all I have to do is add some milk/nondairy option and blend. When I come out from the pool, breakfast is waiting!

Sedna Nutra is a Newfoundland company that makes products using chia seeds and blueberry powder. They are certified as a health food producer, and when I contacted them about their chia and blueberry mix they said it was gluten free. Now, I do know they make energy bites that have whole oats, so if you are really sensitive to airborne particles etc. you may wish to double check.

 Each bag has 26 servings of 10 grams, which is packed with fibre as well as omega 3's and 6's. Each serving has 11 grams of fibre :) and the only ingredients are the chia seeds and blueberry powder. I love to add a tablespoon to my smoothies and it mixes extremely well, and doesn't have a taste that I can tell - and I have super taste buds.

 A bag runs $11-$15 and is available at Sobeys, on their online store, and The Natural Health Shop on Stavanger drive.

What do you like to add to your smoothie???

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