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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Orgran Spaghetti Review

During the winter I ordered some products from Vitacost. One item that has always intrigued me is can spaghetti. Growing up, canned foods were an occasional treat, and thus the FrancoAmerican Spaghetti’os and Spaghetti always remind me of special treat times growing up. I’d seen the Orgran product browsing sites before, and decided to try it.

Orgran is an Australian company, and all their products are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, yeast, and GMO free. They are also vegan.

The can is pretty small, but enough for one person for a lunch or snack. I tried these at work, so I microwaved them – I prefer using pans, but sometimes I have to resort to the microwave.

The sauce did taste good, it had that sweet tomato taste, and not too much of a “can” after-taste. The noodles however were a little hard. In my head I was imagining the nice soft spaghetti pasta taste, and that wasn’t what I got! Perhaps they would be better if cooked on the stove for a little longer, and the noodles could absorb more sauce?

Either way, they were ok – if you were really hungry they would make a quick snack! 

You can order these from Vitacost, and the Specialty Food Shop (Toronto Sick Kids) usually has them as well. 

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