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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

PaneRiso Cinnamon Cookies Review

A little while back, a co-worker brought in some PaneRiso Cinnamon Gluten free cookies for me to try. I’d never tried these before, so it was a great opportunity to test out a new product!

PaneRiso has been around the gluten free world for a while, and honestly, some of their products do not look that appetizing (think the unrefrigerated gluten free bread on the shelf) – but I haven’t tried it, so it might taste great? (thoughts?)  

Back to the cookies, these are made with corn starch as the main ingredient. The rest of the ingredients (taken from website) are brown sugar, vegetable oil margarine (soya/canola)*, caramel colour (<25ppm sulphites) cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. So they don’t win the healthiest cookie of the year; especially with all the corn starch!

The cookies themselves have a bizarre texture (I am guessing because of the corn starch) and they literally melt in your mouth. The cookies are low protein as well, which is good for other conditions in which individuals must limit protein.

The cinnamon flavor comes out when you eat the cookies, and they have a good crunch. They are also low in calories (I think about 30-40 per cookie), so if you are watching your calorie intake they might be good for you!

The closest website I can find with the PaneRiso products is here - it lists all their products, and I think you can buy them online as well.

I don’t think these cookies would be a re-purchase for me; the texture combined with copious amounts of corn starch would leave these to an occasional treat item.
Anyone have any favourite PaneRiso products to share?

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