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Monday, 29 July 2013

Coco Cupcakes - Cupcake and Experience Review

St. John's is home to the local business Coco Cupcakes. Ever since a co-worker brought me in a cupcake, I've meant to go back because it was delicious! 

Friday afternoon I stopped by on my way home from work. They are located off of Torbay Road and Newfoundland Drive so it's convenient for me, and parking is not an issue. 

Coco Cupcakes does gluten free cupcakes on Fridays and Saturdays, and they are stored in back away from the other cupcakes out front. The owner explained that because they are not a completely gluten free facility, they can't guarantee gluten free / be certified gluten free. It's great they are upfront so customers can make an informed decision. She also explained they use whole ingredients and make their own strawberry icing from real strawberries, lemon icing from real lemons etc. They have their own gluten free blend of flour and starches and nothing is pre-packaged. 

Now on to the GOOD Stuff! I went with 6 cupcakes for $19 (I think) and I choose vanilla cake. If you buy the 6 pack, you do not have to pay tax because it is a grocery item. AND, from what I can tell, the gluten free cupcakes are the SAME PRICE and the regular ones. I think that's the first time I've ever seen that! 

For the icing, I went with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. These cupcakes are to die for. Seriously, they are huge! and SO TASTY! I'd like to say I eat 1/2 then save the rest for later, but no, I have to eat the entire cupcake in one sitting. 

The cupcakes freeze really well (also a great way to keep from eating the entire box), and I plan to haul them out for some special treats! 

These cupcakes are just awesome - the height on the icing is crazy! (you could probably ask for less icing as they ice the gluten free ones while you wait), but me - I love it! 

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