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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nan's Kitchen Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to try some Chocolate Chip Cookies from Nan's Kitchen. This is a local home-based business that specializes in gluten free and diabetic friendly baked goods. You can place your order through phone or email, and sometimes they attend the Some Good Market when it's in St. John's.

The owner (Joella) doesn't have celiac, but she has family members with gluten intolerance and diabetic needs.

I was actually given 2 products: the ready-to-eat cookies in a nice little bag with tag indicating ingredients and calorie content; as well as, some frozen ready to bake cookies that I can just pop in the oven!

As soon as I took a picture, I had to try one! The cookies are a pretty good size, but not too thick and doughy. They have that nice light crusty exterior, and a soft and chewy interior. There are lots of chocolate chips as well so you don't feel like you are jipped! (some store bought cookies are skimpy on the chocolate bits).

As a second measure of taste - I got my DH to try a cookie as well. He thought they were really tasty and "tasted liked a chocolate chip cookie". From a gluten eater - that's high praise for gluten free items!

This weekend I am going to try the bake at home version and will post an update!

Nan's Kitchen also does other goodies which they list on their Facebook page (along with pricing). I'd like to try the peanut butter cookies and brownies sometime - they look awesome! As a side note - the pricing is very reasonable for gluten free home-baked goodies!

Great job Nan's Kitchen! Thanks for the cookies!

UPDATE: The take and bake cookies were awesome! I left them on the counter and I was actually asked after the cookie was eaten if it was GF or regular!

Here's some pictures - it took about 16 minutes for mine to be done.

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