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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sabatasso's Gluten Free Pizza - Product Review

Costco is really stepping up here in St. John's and providing LOTS of new gluten free options! One of their latest is Frozen gluten free pizza by Sabatasso's.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it - of course, it was a must have! There are 2 pizzas in the box for $12.99 here in NL. It's 4 cheese (this would appeal to the most people) and it's certified by the Canadian Celiac Association. You can see the out ridge of original pizza, then my mountain of toppings!

Like a regular frozen pizza, you just pop it in the oven for 12-15 minutes, place directly on the rack, and voila - a yummy pizza! I really put the pizza to the test by adding some on my own toppings. I love chunky pizzas, so on went hot peppers, chicken, bacon, mushrooms and red onions.

The crust was thin and crunchy when cooked, and held up to my toppings overload. It had a sweet taste, and the left overs were just as good. Unlike "gluten" frozen pizzas, the crust didn't get rock solid or super chewy after it cooled. It remained nice and light :)

My better half also tried it and liked it, as did one of the kids! That means it is clearly a winner!

The ingredients overall are not *too* bad given it is a ready to eat product. It's about 300 calories per quarter of a pizza, so it's not diet by any means - but great as a treat!

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