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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Works Restaurant Review

The Works Restaurant recently opened in St. John's. This is a gourmet burger chain, and their menu looked pretty good when I checked it out online.

Last Thursday we made our way downtown to check it out.

The decor is pretty funky, and they have a little deck which is nice for the supper months! The menu is quiet large and detailed, but on the bottom of the page they note all their menu items are gluten free except regular buns, teriyaki sauce, a few ice cream dishes and a few breaded dishes. I thought it really neat that they had that on their regular menu!

I ordered the veggie burger without a bun (they were out of gluten free buns) and kamikaze combo. For my side I had coleslaw. My better half had the regular burger and the die cut chips which were also yummy.

It was interesting all the burgers had to the same price (or very close). You could have a regular burger, chicken breast, portobello mushroom cap or veggie burger as you main item, and then just match with the toppings/sauce combo.

The food was pretty tasty. We found the actually burger (hamburger and veggie) didn't have much taste by themselves, but the toppings and sauces more than compensated.

Overall, it was a good meal for $15 a person - we would go back!

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  1. Hello!

    Thanks for your review regarding your recent trip to The Works. Just as a little added information, we actually carry 6 different patty options. In addition to the ones you mentioned we also offer a ground turkey and a ground Elk option.

    Im sorry to hear that we were out of the gluten free buns on the day you visited us. Hopefully you will make it in again soon and have the opportunity to try them during your next visit. I think you will be amazed at just how good they are. I actually eat them all the time and I don't even have a gluten limitation!

    Thanks again for your review.