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Monday, 23 September 2013

Online order at Walmart.ca - Review

I received my walmart.ca online on Friday :) Delivered right to the mail box - it was pretty cool! (Note that my package came via Canada Post and was placed in the larger box on the bottom of the mail box group. If your package is too large, you may have to pick up at a postal outlet).

As it was my first time ordering, I just placed a small order to see what it was like. I placed my order on Tuesday, Sept. 10 and it arrived Friday, Sept. 20. It's not super fast, but not horrible - especially considering it was free shipping and the items have the potential to be heavy! All the items were well packed and secure, and nothing was broken or damaged.

I ordered Pacific Chicken Broth @ $3.67 (it usually runs $4.49 - $5 in the grocery store, but sometimes will go on sale for $3.50), 2 packs of Dr. Lucy's Cookies @ $4.47 and a package of Tinkyada Organic Brown rice spaghetti @ $3.47. I've seen Dr. Lucy's cookies at Costco once, but otherwise they are hard to come by around here. Also, most grocery stores carry the Tinkyada brand of pasta, but I'm not sure if it's organic.

The prices online are all cheaper than the regular price at the grocery store, and I love the fact I can sit home, and order to re-load my pantry! Not to mention that I really enjoy Dr. Lucy's cookies as a treat :)

If you live outside a major center and have limited options for gluten free groceries - this is a great competitively priced way to get GF foods.

I give the whole online Wal Mart experience a 9.5 / 10. The only place it lost points was when I was trying to check out, the forms do not like special characters (and St. John's has 2 of them). Once I figured that out - I was good to go!

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