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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Brenton Gluten Free Crackers

It's great to see more mainstream companies making gluten free foods. A couple weeks ago I picked up a box of gluten free Brenton crackers at Costco.

There are 4 boxes in a package and it sells for $7.59. The two varieties are Original with Flax and Herb and Garlic. I have to be honest - the Herb and Garlic are not quite my cup of tea. It has a little grassy taste for me. I'm pretty sure the rest of the package will be relegated to "soup" crackers!

The Original with Flax tastes like a normal cracker (I had non-GF tasters at work and home). It has a light, airy taste, and they almost melt in your mouth. Compared to other GF crackers like Mary's Gone Crackers or Crunchmaster - they definitely have a softer and more subtle taste.

The price is great, the crackers are tasty but I'm not a huge fan of the fact the number one ingredient is corn starch. Corn starch is pretty heavily processed - there are lots of opinions out there on how much you should eat! I understand it's hard to make GF foods taste the regular stuff - but I really think there might be a better solution than corn starch?

Either way - the crackers are good - great for a party (as non-GF eaters won't be able to tell the difference) and very affordable.

Anyone else have thoughts on these?

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  1. I've also tried these. They are tasty and the price is right.