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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gluten Free Treasures - St. John's - Review

St. John's has an awesome local business Gluten Free Treasures. You can find them at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays, and you can also place an order through their Facebook page. 

Being extremely busy this time of year and working my two jobs, I decided I needed a treat and some help in the kitchen! I placed an order through their Facebook page, and it was followed up with an email on delivery times etc. 

My order was delivered right to my door yesterday evening and I seriously wanted to try everything at once. Everything came in a perfectly packed box lined with tissue paper and a holiday card :)

Among my order there were cinnamon rolls, bread, donuts, truffles, shortbread cookies, bagels, cherry loaf and tortillas ( I am trying these today - so excited!)

First up were the cinnamon rolls. Oh man - these were so good. They were moist, chewy, had lots of cinnamon flavor and drizzled with icing....I tried just eating half, but that didn't work at all! Did I mention they are also VEGAN? I see this as a repeat purchase! Check out the picture below! 

I also tried the shortbread cookies. I was amazed at how soft they were, yet they didn't fall apart and crumble all over the place! Not too sweet, and the dipped chocolate side was a bonus! 

In terms of pricing, everything is more than reasonable, plus it is delivered to your house! I've listed my detailed order below, but all of the pricing and order list can be found on their Facebook page (just click the notes section). 

Gluten Free Treasures make all their products from scratch and use local and organic ingredients when possible. They can also make substitutions upon request if needed (dairy free for example). 

Awesome job Gluten Free Treasures! 

My Order:
5 Truffles - Raspberry $5
1 Small Cinnamon Coffee Loaf - $4
1 Partridge Berry Loaf - $4
12 Cinnamon Rolls - $24
6 Donuts - $15 (chocolate glazed with coconut)
12 Shortbread cookies - $12
1 Vegan Sandwich Bread - $8
Pack of Tortillas - $6
6 Bagels - $12

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