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Monday, 10 March 2014

Vitacost.com Online Order Review

I love visiting the Vitacost.com website. They always have lots of gluten free, organic, and vegan products to look at! Last winter I placed an order and shipped it to the US, this year, I figured I would try the shipping to Canada. Shipping was dependant on the weight, and while most products fall under NAFTA, you do have to pay local taxes which are collected at the checkout. Some items / quantity of items are restricted, but these are mostly picked up at the checkout and it will tell you that you can't buy it.

I placed an order before Christmas, it arrived UPS within about 10 days, and even with the exchange, shipping and taxes - items were still cheaper :) I was pleased with my previous order, so I placed another on February 14th. This time it shipped Canada Post, and while it didn't take that long to get to St. John's, it sat for 6 days at the depot before it was delivered! If it stayed on delivery schedule it would have taken about 2 weeks; instead, it was closer to three. As long as you are not in a hurry - it's totally fine :)

For this order, the subtotal was $86 (I had a 10% off coupon), shipping was $23, and local tax was $18. All these amounts were in US dollars. I bought items that you mostly can't get here, or are about twice the price. These included: Surf sweets, gluten free oats, organic spices, hot cereal, Amazon Flakes (I have no idea why they don't sell these in Canada), Seventh Generation wipes and some other miscellaneous items. 

Everything came in great shape, the box was packed really well and everything had its own bag in case of a spill/break.

Since this order, I've noticed that Vitacost now offers $9.99 flat shipping rate to Canada! While the taxes seem a little higher, it's still significantly lower than before.

As with any online ordering, you need to know your prices so you don't end up paying more than you would locally. However, I feel like I get a huge selection with great prices and items that arrive at my door :)

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  1. Hello, found your site and really like the info... good job!! I was checking out vitacost.com and they have a special... free shipping to Canada... over 150.00 or 50 lbs I believe it is... thought I'd pass it along... as of June 19/16